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Wisconsin Business World

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Wisconsin Business World has curated additional curriculum materials to help teachers  in the classroom and to educate students on various topics ranging from business ethics, soft skills and general business knowledge. These hands-on activities and in-person projects shine a spotlight on business, production, communication, marketing, finance and more!

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Profitable businesses and a thriving economy are the backbone of strong communities.

by Michelle Grajkowski

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Lesson Plans

Each online classroom video has hands-on activities and in-person projects to complement it. These activities shine a spotlight on business, production, communication, marketing, finance and more!


If you would like to see a specific topic covered or any other ideas for in the classroom content, please contact us. 

Michelle Grajkowski

Business World Program Senior Director

Michelle Grajkowski


About the Program

Wisconsin Business World is a program of WMC Foundation aimed at providing high school students with economic and financial literacy education, while teaching the importance of free-market enterprise. Business World hosts two four-day summer camps each year and numerous one-day “mini” programs during the school year for school districts around the state. Students participate in hands-on exercises that easily relate to the everyday life of running a business and finish each program with a better understanding of the intricacies of business.