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Statewide Competitions

For Students & Educators

Business World in the Classroom

2024 Competitions

The Wisconsin Business World works to engage students from all over the state as they compete in our two statewide competitions.  Students are invited to participate in the Business is a Force for Good Essay Contest or our Culture and Innovation Competition. Educators are invited to apply for the Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology (MET) Education Impact Awards.

Business is a Force for Good Essay Contest


From your local restaurant helping fundraise for your basketball team to a large corporation inviting students into a youth apprenticeship program, Wisconsin businesses are making impactful efforts to help students, their employees, and their communities each day.

Students are challenged to write an essay of no more than 1000 words describing at least one example of an impact a Wisconsin business has had on them and their community. 

Culture & Innovation Competition

Presented By

Kwik Trip logo

In order to thrive, businesses need to constantly be thinking two steps ahead of today. The Wisconsin-based Kwik trip Corporation has generously partnered with the Wisconsin Business World to bring you our inaugural bi-annual statewide classroom Culture and Innovation Competition. 

Students are invited to create a new product idea for the Kwik Trip Convenience Stores and creatively present the idea in a format of their choice: video essay, video commercial, written essay, recorded sales pitch, or other presentation style.

MET Education Impact Awards

Presented By

Educators who encourage students to become engaged in future career opportunities in STEM, especially focused on Manufacturing, Engineering or Technology, are encouraged to apply for a MET Education Impact Award.

Michelle Grajkowski


If you would like to learn more about our programs, please contact the Business World Program Senior Director, Michelle Grajkowski, via e-mail or by phone 608.258.3400.




Since 1982, Wisconsin Business World, a program of the WMC Foundation, has educated more than 25,000 students from all corners of the state on business, entrepreneurship and free enterprise through summer camps, one-day “mini” programs and classroom presentations.

In order to continue to grow our program, we rely on the generous support from our business community. As our impact has more than tripled over the past two years, our program budget has also grown to $265,000 for this fiscal year.