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Wisconsin Business World


The Business World summer program is a success year after year, in large part, because of the dedicated business professionals who volunteer their time, energy, manpower, and expertise to mentor the students that attend our events. Our group of talented faculty advisors is made up of business men and women from all over Wisconsin, with various backgrounds.

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Wisconsin Business World

Volunteering Opportunities

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During our summer camps, students are divided into teams. Each team functions as an imaginary “company” for the program, with you as their advisor. The company is tasked to create a unique product, develop marketing strategies, design a commercial, budget for a profitable business and present an annual report in front of a panel of judges and their peers. Over the course of the program as an advisor, you will be available as their company mentor and offer support when needed.
Students at Business World


One thing that makes our programs so unique is the wonderful support we have from our business professionals. Students love to learn from our business leaders throughout the state in both our Summer Camps and our one-day programs. If you would like to share you knowledge with out future business leaders, we would love to add you to our agenda!

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As we look into the future of Wisconsin’s growth and economic state, we know that workforce continues to be one the forefront of most business leaders’ minds. One of our program goals is to introduce students to the career and economic opportunities wiating for them right here in our great state! If you are interested in guiding and mentoring our youth, the WMC Foundation and the Business World programs are innovating the ways that employers can reach into the schools. We would love to work with you to develop individualized programs to help enhance CTA programs throughout the state.


I think this is very valuable, I think Wisconsin Business World is an excellent opportunity. The key takeaway I would take from the program is the experience of actually starting a business, launching a product, communicating and working with my team members.

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Wisconsin Business World

Students at Business World
Michelle Grajkowski

Interested in becoming an advisor, speaker, mentor or helping out the Business World staff?

Please contact the Business World Program Senior Director, Michelle Grajkowski, via e-mail or by phone 608.258.3400


About the Program

Wisconsin Business World is a program of WMC Foundation aimed at providing high school students with economic and financial literacy education, while teaching the importance of free-market enterprise. Business World hosts two four-day summer camps each year and numerous one-day “mini” programs during the school year for school districts around the state. Students participate in hands-on exercises that easily relate to the everyday life of running a business and finish each program with a better understanding of the intricacies of business.