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Business World in the Classroom

Enhance Your Class Curriculum


Online Program & Competitions

To help enhance your classroom curriculum, our Business World programming has gone virtual! In addition to our traditional presentations and workshops, we’re proud to announce a video library with suggested activities that you can use in your classroom.

Additionally, our program staff will be presenting and customizing our one-day programs to fit into your classroom schedule. Finally, we are excited to engage students from all over the state as they compete in our two new statewide competitions. 

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Business World in the Classroom

Statewide Competitions

Business is a Force for Good Essay Contest


From Mercury Marine’s outboard boat engine to Kwik Trip Glazers, cool things are being made every day across the state of Wisconsin!

Students are invited to write an essay no more than 1,000 words about the coolest thing they discover that’s being made right here in our great state! Behind every great product is a rich company history, so essays must include information about the manufacturer as well.

Business World in the Classroom Competitions

Presented By

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In order to thrive, businesses need to constantly be thinking two steps ahead of today. The Wisconsin-based Kwik trip Corporation has generously partnered with the Wisconsin Business World to bring you our inaugural bi-annual statewide classroom Culture and Innovation Competition. 

Students are invited to create a new product idea for the Kwik Trip Convenience Stores and creatively present the idea in a format of their choice: video essay, video commercial, written essay, recorded sales pitch, or other presentation style.

Video Curriculum

Business World Online Classroom

Featured Video

 Free Market Enterprise

Profitable businesses and a thriving economy are the backbone of strong communities.

by Michelle Grajkowski

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Michelle Grajkowski

Interested in bringing the “Mini” program to your area?

If you would like to learn more about our programs, please contact the Business World Program Senior Director, Michelle Grajkowski, via e-mail or by phone 608.258.3400.




Since 1982, Wisconsin Business World, a program of the WMC Foundation, has educated more than 25,000 students from all corners of the state on business, entrepreneurship and free enterprise through summer camps, one-day “mini” programs and classroom presentations.

In order to continue to grow our program, we rely on the generous support from our business community. As our impact has more than tripled over the past two years, our program budget has also grown to $265,000 for this fiscal year.