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Culture Competition

Business World in the Classroom Competition

Culture Competition

Fall 2021 Contest

One of the most important assets of any business is their employees. Business leaders know that creating a strong corporate culture will make or break their success. Attracting good employees is hard and keeping them cam be even harder! A vibrant culture is the secret!

The Wisconsin-based Kwik Trip Corporation is a terrific example of the importance of culture. A leader in vertical integration, manufacturing and customer care, Kwik Trip has graciously partnered with the Wisconsin Business World Program to present our bi-annual Statewide Classroom Competitions. 

*See winners below. 

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Business World in the Classroom


This year’s winner of the Kwik-Trip Culture Contest is the Business and Marketing Class from Preble High School! 


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Who Can Enter

Students in grades 6-12. You may choose to enter individually, or in a team of no more than three students.

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Create a hype video describing group culture.

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Project Details and Submission Requirements

  1. Watch the Kwik Trip Culture video and submit your answers to the following questions on the Google Entry Form:
    a) How does Kwik Trip define culture?
    b) Why does Kwik trip consider their customers “guests”?
    c) What is the final phrase in Kwik Trip’s mission statement, and what are three ways Kwik Trip lives its mission?
  2. Think about a group that you’re involved in, for example: your school, your classroom, a team, band, choir, a club, your friend group or family. Now narrow it down to one. What is that group’s culture? How would you describe the culture to an outsider? What are some of the strengths or some ways the culture could improve? What is your roll?
    Now: Create a hype video no longer than five minutes similar to the Kwik Trip video that explains the group’s culture to someone new. Be creative in your presentations. (Please note: If you are entering as a team, not all team members need to be involved in the group you are presenting about.)
  3. All entries must be submitted with provided release form signed by a legal parent or guardian of all participating students, including each student of a group.
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Entry Deadline

January 15, 2021 – 11:59PM.

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Cash Prizes

The top three winning entries will each receive a $500 cash prize. If you enter as a team your prize will be split evenly among your entire group.

Business World in the Classroom

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