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Innovation Competition

Business World in the Classroom Competition

INNOVATION Competition

Spring 2024 Contest

In order to grow and thrive, businesses need to constantly be thinking two steps ahead of today. What changes are happening in their industry? What do their customers want? How can they improve their business processes and procedures? How can they create a need?

The Wisconsin-based Kwik Trip Corporation is a terrific example of the importance of innovation. A leader in vertical integration, manufacturing and customer care, Kwik Trip has graciously partnered with the Wisconsin Business World Program to present our bi-annual Statewide Classroom Innovation Competition.

The Spring 2024 Wisconsin Business World & Kwik Trip Innovation Contest submissions are due June 5, 2024.

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INNOVATION Competition


Special thanks to our 2024 WMC Foundation Sponsors for their commitment to our events and programs throughout the year!

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Who Can Enter

Students in grades 6-12. You may choose to enter individually, or in a group of no more than three students.

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Create a new product idea for the Kwik Trip Convenience Stores.

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Entry Deadline

Submissions must be received by June 5, 2024 at 11:59pm.

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Cash Prizes

The top three winning entries will each receive a $500 cash prize. If you enter as a team your prize will be split evenly among your entire group.

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Project Details and Submission Requirements

  1. Watch the Kwik Trip Production video and submit your answers to the following questions on the Entry Form:
    a) What are some Kwik Trip innovations you see in the video?
    b) Who was the celebrity endorser of the new Fresh Blends Smoothie Machine?
    c) Why is innovation important to the overall success of a business and to the satisfaction of its customers?
  2. Upload a creative presentation featuring your new Kwik Trip product idea explaining why Kwik Trip should put it in their stores and why guests will purchase your idea. Pay close attention to and explain your target market, price point and marketing ideas in your presentation. Your project may be formatted in the manner that best showcases your ideas. Some examples include: video essays, video commercials, written essays (no longer than 1,000 words), a recorded sales pitch, a sales and marketing plan, or any combination of all or any of these ideas. Be creative in your presentations. And most of all, have fun INNOVATING!
  3. All entries must be submitted with provided release form signed by a legal parent or guardian of all participating students, including each student of a group.

Business World in the Classroom Competition

Fall 2023 Innovation Competition Winners

Boba Blast | Elliot

De Pere High School

Juice Machine | Brooklyn

Milton High School

The Kwik Trip Cookbook | Liam

Preble High School

Spring 2023 Innovation Competition Winners

Kwik Vending | Rida, Carlie & Sapphire

Waukesha West High School

Hot Spot Kiosk | Logan

HOLMEN High School

Kwik Trip Sauce System | Brooke

Racine Case High School

Business World in the Classroom

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