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About WMC Foundation

Dedicated to Building a Better Wisconsin

WMC Foundation was founded in 1980 by Wisconsin business leaders who understood that business and economics education is fundamental to a healthy and prosperous state. Today, the 501(c)(3) charitable Foundation remains committed to improving Wisconsin’s economy and ensuring a high quality of life for all citizens by providing educational programs and informational sources to enhance public education and update the skills of the current workforce.

WMC Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to building a better Wisconsin by providing educational programs on business issues, the free enterprise system, economics and workforce development initiatives.


Major Programs

Students who participate in our programs experience first-hand the satisfaction and joy of creating an innovative product and a profitable business. Even more importantly, students gain a greater understanding of the value and importance of business in their own communities.

What will Wisconsin look like in 20 years? What will our workforce look like? What sort of businesses will thrive in our economy? How will our tech colleges and universities stack up to those in other states? What sort of jobs will be available? Will we have enough people to fill the jobs? The WMC Foundation is working with public and private partners to identify, answer and be prepared for the outcome of those questions.
Wisconsin Leads: Executive Fellowship will offer rising executives from Wisconsin’s private sector a wide-angle lens to view our state’s complicated economy and best understand how public policy impacts the strength of every Wisconsin business.


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Wisconsin’s $300 billion economic engine is powered by 400,000 businesses, each individually faced with unique challenges and opportunities, but as a whole are intertwined in ways that often go unnoticed.

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Wade Goodsell

Executive Director, WMC Foundation

Wade Goodsell


Our Team


Wade Goodsell

Executive Director

WMC Foundation

Wade Goodsell is  Executive Director of WMC Foundation. He also serves as WMC Vice President of Membership & Partnerships.

Michelle Grajkowski

Michell Grajkowski

Senior Director

Wisconsin Business World

Michelle Grajkowski is Senior Director of Wisconsin Business World. She focuses on providing resources and programs to schools. 

Susan Nyffenegger

Susan Nyffenegger

Senior Executive Assistant

WMC Foundation

Susan serves as Executive Assistant, managing all the administrative activities for WMC Foundation and its programs. 

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Shelby Paradowski


Wisconsin Business World

Shelby is a Coordinator for WMC Foundation, leading Wisconsin Business World summer camps and one-day programs at local schools. 


Foundation Sponsorship

Join a growing list of Wisconsin businesses that support the WMC Foundation mission with a tax-deductible, annual contribution. Annual sponsors are given recognition at all WMC Foundation events and programs. By becoming an annual sponsor, your company is given more input into the direction of the Foundation and its efforts throughout the year, as well as complimentary seats to all WMC Foundation events.