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Kwik Trip Innovation & Culture Competitions

Wisconsin Business World & Kwik Trip Announce Winners of the Kwik Trip Innovation & Culture Competitions

MADISON – Wisconsin Business World in partnership with Kwik Trip announced the winners of two statewide business-focused competitions. The winning students participated in either the Kwik Trip Innovation Contest, where they created a marketing plan for a new product for Kwik Trip convenience stores, or the Kwik Trip Culture Contest, where they created a training video to showcase the soft skills they feel are important to building a strong corporate and company culture.

The Wisconsin-based Kwik Trip Corporation is a leader in vertical integration, manufacturing and customer care, and served as the inspiration for each student’s project.

“Every year I’m more and more blown away by the innovative young business leaders that we have in Wisconsin,” said Senior Director of Wisconsin Business Michelle Grajkowski. “The students’ innovative ideas are paving the way towards what business and entrepreneurism will look like in the near future.  I’m impressed not only by their creativity, but by their immense value of collaboration and team work.”

The winners of Wisconsin Business World’s Kwik Trip Innovation Contest are:

Kolin Boettcher, Rachel Jodar and Lydia Vandenhouten – Luxemburg Casco High School

Matthew Hennessey and Landon Habeck – Tomah High School 

Karl La Fleur and Korey Hart – Mount Horeb High School 

The winner of Wisconsin Business World’s Kwik Trip Culture Contest is:

Mark Bonnetti’s Business and Entrepreneurship Class – Green Bay High School

The creativity behind the Kwik Trip Innovation Projects ranged from ordering Kwik Trip food that can be delivered at the pump, to a traveling Kwik Trip food truck and even a Kwik Trip vending machine. The Kwik Trip Culture Projects highlighted how crucial teamwork and collaboration are when running a successful business.

“We couldn’t be more grateful to have Kwik Trip serve as a sponsor of this project and ultimately an inspiration to Wisconsin students. Kwik Trip’s leadership and innovation have set an example statewide on what running a successful and meaningful business looks like,” Grajkowski added.

The contest was open to Wisconsin students in grades 6-12. All projects were submitted between September 16 – January 15, 2022. Winners receive a $500 cash prize.

Since 1982, Wisconsin Business World – a program of WMC Foundation – has educated more than 25,000 high school students on business, entrepreneurism and the free market, through Summer Camps, one-day programs, online curriculum and classroom presentations. The Business World message is simple — Business is a Force for Good.


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